Opening 10 September 2015, Cartoon Physics is an exhibition of interdisciplinary work by Nick Bastis (US), Nina Beier (DK), Liudvikas Buklys (LT), Angie Keefer (US), Nicholas Matranga (US), Post Brothers (US), and Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven (BE). It’s set within an alphabetized topography of nearly 2000 science fiction novels, which line the perimeter of the gallery, and which hosts a rather diverse population: 2 pairs of pink horses, mechanically printed (and misprinted) on 2 stretched canvases; a variable set of cryptic logos, silkscreened in copper on both sides of 400 gram business cards; 9 carpet samples, imbued with the psychology of sales in thick acrylic paint; a freestanding pane of teleprompter glass, offering a dual layer of opacity; 2 robotic vacuum cleaners, hacked with artificial intelligence to perform a choreography defined by the electronic noise in the air waves; snails sliming vinyl objects and storefront glass; serial posters parroting the grammar of empty metaphors that cannibalistically proliferate in stock imagery databanks; and all of this narrated by a talking head, projected in a cartoon world, where he correlates the workings of credit and financial speculation with the portable hole.

Cartoon Physics

from 11 Sep 2015 to 17 Oct 2015
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