• AMVK in print - 24 Jan 2022 -> 28 Jan 2022
    The book Elasticity at Home! bundles 96 notes by AMVK on making art and being an artist, written between 1976 and 2019, interspersed with some fifty drawings and collages from the same period. On the occasion of this publication, our research group ArchiVolt and CRAP (Collection for Research on Artists’ Publications) present an exhibition of AMVK's artists' books, magazines, invitations, posters and graphic designs.

  • Placenta Saturnine Bercail - 22 Jan 2022 -> 26 Feb 2022
    On the occasion of 40 Years collaboration with Zeno X Gallery

  • The Earth Is Flat Again - 24 Sep 2021 -> 16 Jan 2022
    The flat Earth, considered a metaphor, a thought experiment, and a belief falsely ascribed to the past, serves as a point of departure for reflecting on the changing roles of science and communication. The artists featured in this exhibition analyze seemingly contradictory worldviews and identify political apparatuses, technological infrastructures, and social relationships that affect our knowledge and interpretation of reality.

  • Women Artists in the Kunsthalle Bern - 29 May 2021 -> 25 Jul 2021
    The archival exhibition on the lower floor of the Kunsthalle focuses on a selection of women artists who have enriched the Kunsthalle Bern’s program with their substantial artistic contributions ever since its founding.

  • Life is Perfect - 06 Mar 2021 -> 24 Apr 2021
    Solo exhibition with new work by AMVK.

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