• Three Moral Tales - 15 Jun 2019 -> 25 Aug 2019
    This exhibition is an exercise in weaving—or yielding. How can the works of three artists who don’t know each other, have never met and have developed their practices in three different contexts, dialogue, connect and intersect—and eventually merge into one and the same exhibition?

  • AMBERES - 07 Jun 2019 -> 15 Sep 2019
    An exhibition inspired by a novel, a city and a scene

  • SYZYGY - 16 May 2019 -> 29 Jun 2019
    Two solo exhibitions at Zeno X Gallery: ANNE-MIE VAN KERCKHOVEN and PHILIP METTEN

  • Kontrapunt - 16 May 2019 -> 28 May 2019
    Group exhibition curated by Maryam Najd in the frame of Antwerp Art Weekend 2019.

  • Artistic Intelligence - 04 May 2019 -> 30 Jun 2019
    »Artistic Intelligence« explores the extent to which artists make use of the latest technical possibilities of artificial intelligence in their artistic practice. While artificial neural networks and the algorithmic processes that enable »machine learning« have long been established in industry and business, dominating everyday human life, the associated advantages and conveniences of these technologies are counterbalanced by forms of censorship and surveillance.

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