• Club Andalouse - 17 Oct 2017 -> 20 Oct 2017
    Club Andalouse is a hybrid and ephemeral proposition, where a bar merges into an exhibition. During four days and four nights, the Club stays open to what we are about to live.

  • Superdemocratie - 01 Oct 2017 -> 31 Oct 2017
    The exhibition SUPERDEMOCRACY engages with the collections of M HKA (Antwerp) and BPS22 (Charleroi). The exhibitions allows the voices of individual artists – both nationally and internationally – and citizens to be heard on important themes associated with the Senate and democracy.

  • The Policeman's Beard is Half Constructed - 22 Sep 2017 -> 19 Nov 2017
    Titled after the first book ‘written’ by a computer, ‘The Policeman’s Beard is Half Constructed’ surveys art engaged with the age of artificial intelligence.

  • The Museum of the Maddening Beauty - 29 Jul 2017 -> 12 Nov 2017
    TheaterAanZee and Mu.ZEE together with many partners have put together the exhibition 'The Museum of the Maddening Beauty'. The starting point is to engage with creativity in as broad a sense as possible.

  • Hoogtepunten van Geïsoleerde Genialiteit - 04 Jul 2017
    Op uitnodiging van vicerector Diversiteitsbeleid Katlijn Malfliet en professor Kunstwetenschappen Katlijne Vanderstighelen creëerde kunstenares Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven voor de Promotiezaal van de Leuvense Universiteitshal het kunstwerk 'Hoogtepunten van Geïsoleerde Genialiteit'.

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