• Living in colour - 06 Dec 2019 -> 21 Dec 2019
    The exhibition Living in Colour. A Common Ground Between Visual Arts and Interior Architecture displays a series of interdisciplinary encounters between the visual arts and interior architecture. It pays a particular attention to the activities in Antwerp, the educations at the Royal Antwerp Academy of Fine Arts and the education of interior architecture at the National Higher Institute for Architecture and Urbanism in the period 1956 till 1979.

  • The Road Is Clear - 29 Nov 2019 -> 01 Dec 2019
    The Road Is Clear is an exhibition/happening about the urgency of diversity acknowledgement. In the first of the series we address contemporary gender related issues mainly about female inclusivity. Here we state that diversity is not gender related.

  • The Assembled Human - 08 Nov 2019 -> 15 Mar 2020
    Museum Folkwang presents a show that transcends media and epochs to explore the major societal issues and upheavals of the last 150 years. The Assembled Human presents art as a mirror of industrialisation, technologisation and digitisation. It provides a cultural-historical survey that encompasses key works of painting and graphic design, early experiments in photography, installations and films, along with recent works of Post-Internet Art.

  • Dulle Griet: rebellie – provocatie – wanhoop – feminisme - 05 Oct 2019 -> 08 Dec 2019
    Group exhibition on the occasion of Bruegel 2019. Taking Bruegel’s painting “Mad Meg” as a point of reference, LLS Paleis invited the following artists: Kasper De Vos (1988, BE), Kati Heck (1979, DE), Laure Prouvost (1978, FR), Pipilotti Rist (1962, CH), Tracey Rose (1974, South Africa), Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven (1951, BE), and Erik van Lieshout (1968, NL).

  • The Untamed - 31 Aug 2019 -> 12 Oct 2019
    The Untamed aims to reclaim power and control over the evasive techniques made to domesticate us into sanitised oblivion. The Untamed features works by AMVK (Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven), Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Aurel Haize Odogbo, Jacolby Satterwhite, Will Sheldon and Cajsa von Zeipel and is curated by Taylor Trabulus. Opening reception on August 29

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